The WBX suite of applications has been designed and developed in collaboration with key industry players, with the needs and requirements of these participants in mind. WBX is a division of Dariel Software.

Dariel is a proudly South African company focused on creating world-class software architectures according to the latest international best practices, the development and deployment of high-end bespoke applications, and providing customised integration services. We believe in adding value to our customers by running a professional, ethical business devoted to delivering on-time, on-budget, and above expectations.

The key to the success of Dariel is the quality of the staff employed. All staff members are university graduates from either the computer sciences or software engineering faculties. This is essential to cope with the wide spectra of knowledge required to develop complex, distributed systems.

Dariel has a proven track record in the delivery of bespoke and industry applications, and has always met the expectations of its clients. Projects are run according to sound engineering principles, rigorous controls and by assigning the most appropriately skilled staff. Dariel is always focused on delivery, and is renowned for taking a practical approach, and going the extra mile to get the job done, without ever compromising on quality.