Unleash your creative ‘spirit’ this Halloween with FrogzEggz®

12 September 2019
While 31 October is normally associated with ‘trick-and-treating’, pumpkin lanterns, pointy witch hats, and overly expensive costumes, FrogzEggz® from Pratley is going ‘old school’ this Halloween, allowing children and families to bring back true creative expression.
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Instead of forking out hundreds of rands on commercially-available costumes, put the fun, creative and money-saving power back in your hands. FrogzEggz® is a completely biodegradable, hand-mouldable plastic that’s ideal for creating the most elaborate costume accessories, ranging from vampire fangs to ear and nose extensions, claws, wands, headgear and weapons. If you can dream it, you can make it.

“FrogzEggz® allows for endless creativity and fun, and Halloween is the perfect event to highlight the creative possibilities of this product. It brings back that creative element to Halloween,” National Sales & Marketing Manager Mark Bell comments.

FrogzEggz® is heated to 60°C in hot water for it to become a malleable soft plastic. It will be ready for use in about a minute, as indicated by a change from opaque to transparent. The malleable material is scooped out easily with a fork or spoon, after which it can be hand-moulded. Although still warm, its properties render it easy to handle while forming and shaping. The required shape is then simply placed in cool water to harden quickly.

An added advantage of FrogzEggz® is that it can be reused multiple times by re-submerging your design in hot water until it softens, allowing the material to then be remoulded. Separate components or elements can be stuck together by heating the surfaces and fusing them together.

Pratley Powda Bond or Pratley Superglue Gel adhesive can also be used for joining and attaching parts to your creation. Your design can then be painted, or colour pigments added, including Pratley Glow-Powder, a new glow-in-the-dark pigment ideal for making spooky night-time effects.

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