(Technical) content is king!

17 November 2016
(Technical) content is king!
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(Technical) content is king!

At NGAGE we have long prided ourselves on the relevance and accuracy of the technical content we produce, across a range of industries. This includes mining, construction, OEMs, general industry and even electronics.

An article on customerthink.com states that: “To engage with this audience, your content must be specific to their needs, technically accurate, provide proof of concept and address their ‘fear of failure’ concerns by providing validation for your claims and results.”

There is a world of difference between ‘content creation’ and ‘content marketing’. The article states that “Creating more content is not the answer for engaging with engineers and industrial buyers. You are not going to win the mindshare of engineers and technical buyers or earn their trust with more marketing fluff.”

This fascinating article, entitled ‘Making Industrial Content Marketing Engaging for Engineers and Industrial Buyers’ can be read at: http://bit.ly/2dJoV61.