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28 May 2019 Mandirk Lifting offers Ingersoll Rand, Enerpac range for A-to-Z solutions
Well-known for its power tools and compressor systems, Ingersoll Rand’s heavy lifting equipment is also being introduced to South Africa exclusively by Mandirk Lifting, part of the Mandirk Group.
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18 April 2019 Combo of Enerpac, Kito makes for unique Mandirk Lifting solutions
The combination of being able to offer two world-leading brands locally allows Mandirk Lifting to offer its clients complete solutions and not standalone products. Part of the Mandirk Group, Mandirk Lifting was...
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6 March 2019 Mandirk Lifting offers unique 360° lifting solutions from all angles and directions
A unique service whereby lifting machines and lifting tackle can be examined and tested on-site, giving clients peace of mind that they comply fully with all regulatory requirements, as well as ensuring the safety...
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