MSA prepares for launch of advanced TIC technology in Africa

28 August 2013
The latest in thermal imaging camera (TIC) technology is being introduced locally in October 2013 by the African division of MSA - a global leader in the development, manufacture and supply of sophisticated products that protect people's health and safety.
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The MSA Evolution 6000 series of thermal imaging cameras boasts a 320 x 240 high definition core, six colour palettes and proprietary image processing filters, making it ideally suited to local industries that include; oil, gas and petrochemical,  firefighting, police and even anti-poaching units.

MSA Africa Respiratory Products managerSuraksha Mohun notes that the Evolution 6000 TIC series comprises three new models of camera to offer the best mix of features to support the thermal imaging needs of all emergency responders.

"The Evolution 6000 TIC offers many of the same benefits that have come to be expected from MSA, as well as new ones to take user experience to another level. New and enhanced features include a high clarity picture, laser pointer, proximity flashlight and built-in compass," she explains.

This, together with integrated video and picture capture and integrated wireless video transmission system, provide the user with the most detailed and accurate interpretations of their surroundings in the dark. Mohun adds: "This ultimately takes the guesswork out of life threatening situations."

The three Evolution 6000 TIC models being launched in the local marketplace by MSA Africa include the Evolution 6000 Basic, the Evolution 6000 Plus and the Evolution 6000 Xtreme. Mohun reveals that the entry-level Evolution 6000 Basic TIC is a cost effective and simplified ground tool.

"A rugged, waterproof and shock-resistant product design ensures that the user saves on repair and maintenance costs. Despite being an entry-level model, the Evolution 6000 Basic boasts 320 x 240 high definition image quality for excellent resolution. What's more, a standard flashlight provides extra visibility for proximity to enhance safety and situational awareness," she continues.

The Evolution 6000 Basic's laser pointer identifies hot spots and areas of interest to allow for immediate and specific action, while a patented dual-handle design improves handling, and the three carabiner attachment points offer flexibility in attaching the camera to an emergency worker.

According to Mohun, the Evolution 6000 Plus comes standard with additional tools to aid and improve ground safety and decision making. "A 2x/4x zoom enables the user to obtain a closer look at areas of interest, while six user selectable colour palettes provide flexibility to view thermal images. Another important safety aspect is the built-in compass that allows for faster rescues and improved situational awareness by displaying letters or icons for directional information."

Optional extras include an integrated video transmitter that enables remote monitoring for improved decision making and situational awareness, as well as an integrated range finder that provides for faster, more precise action from any range varying between 5 m and 70 m.  

The Evolution 6000 Xtreme provides the same standard and optional features as Evolution 6000 Plus, with the added benefits of integrated picture and video capture save action to the camera’s internal hard drive. This enables the user to download pictures and video to straight to their desktop to be used for training, after-action review and documentation.

Mohun is optimistic that the MSA range of Evolution 6000 TICs will be well received by the local market following the official launch. "MSA played a pioneering role in the development TICs over a decade ago. During this time, the company has refined design through innovation and expertise, thereby delivering several successful generations of market leading TICs. We continue this commitment by releasing the Evolution 6000 range, which serves as a new platform to make TIC use easier, faster and more efficient for emergency workers across Africa," she concludes.



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