Mandirk Lifting offers Ingersoll Rand, Enerpac range for A-to-Z solutions

28 May 2019
Well-known for its power tools and compressor systems, Ingersoll Rand’s heavy lifting equipment is also being introduced to South Africa exclusively by Mandirk Lifting, part of the Mandirk Group.
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Combined with its leading Enerpac brand, Mandirk Lifting can now offer clients in a diverse range of industries complete solutions based on the best brands and highest-quality equipment to result in the lowest total cost of ownership.

“We are taking our two leading brands and combining them in complete A-to-Z solutions for various applications,” Mandirk Lifting GM Jaco Vorster explains. While the industry automatically associates Ingersoll Rand with power tools, its association with Mandirk Lifting will increase its exposure in a range of sectors, from petrochemical to oil and gas, automotive, heavy construction, engineering, mining, and manufacturing.

Mandirk Lifting will focus initially on the Kinetic series of manual and lever hoists from Ingersoll Rand. These premium manual chain hoists are engineered for arduous environments, and deliver exceptional durability to meet the toughest demands. The grade 100 electro-galvanised chain, cast hook latches, an all-steel construction, and extensive use of bearings all assist in minimising downtime. In addition, the Kinetic series complies with all international standards, including ATEX certification.

“We will also offer related lifting products from Ingersoll Rand such as electric hoists with motorised trolleys, pneumatic hoists, and spring balancers,” Vorster adds. While the Mandirk Group has been distributing Ingersoll Rand products for some time, Mandirk Lifting now has exclusive distributorship of its lifting-equipment range.

“We are slowly introducing the lifting-equipment range from Ingersoll Rand in conjunction with its tools so as to introduce our complete solutions to our existing client base,” Vorster reveals. The consolidation of the Mandirk Group, and the establishment of Mandirk Lifting, is anticipated to entrench the Ingersoll Rand brand even further.

“Most of our clients in these niche sectors utilise lifting equipment as well, in addition to tools, so it is a natural fit expose them to the full extent of Ingersoll Rand’s product range, which is a well-respected international brand,” Vorster stresses.

Mandirk Lifting will continue to target its complete solutions at the pulp and paper, automotive, forestry, sugar, fisheries, marine, and offshore sectors. “We can customise a solution for any application, ranging from electric to lever and chain hoists, as well as spring balancers,” Vorster points out. The Mandirk Group is a subsidiary of BMG, which in turn is controlled by Invicta Holdings, thereby giving Mandirk Lifting a broad platform as far afield as Sub-Saharan Africa.

Neil Watson, Commercial Manager for Enerpac Africa, stresses that Enerpac is a perfect fit with Ingersoll Rand. “The amalgamation of the Mandirk Group has strengthened its presence in certain core industrial segments, to which we already supply Ingersoll Rand tools. Many of these clients have a need for lifting equipment as well, which translates into a good synergy with Enerpac.”

Mandirk Lifting offers Ingersoll Rand pneumatic or electric hoists that can be supplemented for heavy-lifting requirements of 5 t and over by means of cylinders that can go as high as 1 000 t. “The advantage of the Enerpac range is it extends from a standard manual hoist all the way up to a PLC-controlled system allowing for a 1 mm accuracy level across all four cylinders,” Watson elaborates.

Lifting operations can either be top-down or bottom-up, with hoists and strand jacks catering for the former, for example. Strand jacks are ideal for applications where high tonnages need to be lifted that cannot be accommodated easily by hoists. “Mandirk Lifting’s heavy lifting capability gives our customers a range of options, from strand jacks to gantry systems,” Vorster notes.

The lifting side is supplemented by the tooling side, with a range of pneumatic, power, and electric tools from Ingersoll Rand, in addition to tools from Enerpac. This is critical, as any kind of rigging for lifting operations invariably needs bolting, which requires pneumatic tools.

“Our approach at the end of the day is to place equal emphasis on Ingersoll Rand and Enerpac as part of our complete solutions approach. Where there is a demand for hydraulic equipment, Enerpac is ideal, while Ingersoll Rand will be punted for all power and pneumatic tool requirements,” Vorster concludes.

Enerpac has launched 14 products this year alone, from new products to upgrades. The former includes a new range of hydraulic cutters and pullers, as well as telescopic cylinders that can cope with a low collapse height and provide a lower base for a higher jacking point.

Other new products include a 28 V battery power pack. A new range of heavy lifting cylinders features a nitrous oxide coating for protection against rain to prevent rust and corrosion from compromising their integrity.

“Mandirk Lifting now not only offers a complete lifting solution from top to bottom, but a tooling solution as well. We emphasise the total cost of ownership for both Ingersoll Rand and Enerpac, as these products are owned for life and deliver the results our clients demand,” Vorster concludes.

In addition, Enerpac has a ‘cradle-to-grave’ policy whereby all equipment is monitored and serviced on a regular basis, in conjunction with its lifetime warranty. The Enerpac Maintenance Programme (EMP) is a service contract aimed specifically at checking, testing, and repairing cylinders. A training centre in Centurion, Johannesburg offers both product and safety training. Every bolting tool sold, for example, is commissioned on-site and user-certified, Watson concludes.


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Mandirk has an extensive subsidiary and branch network and distribution capabilities. It supplies fit-for-use industrial products at the right time and at competitive pricing, directly to customer operations.

The Group has captured significant market share in its target markets, holding contracts with major mining houses and large industrial companies. Our integrated supply-chain solutions are based on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) principles and are customised according to client requirements.

Mandirk has a Level 2 B-BBEE rating, which earns our customers 125% BEE procurement recognition. Mandirk is a subsidiary of BMG (Pty) Ltd. which, in turn, is controlled by Invicta Holdings Ltd.

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