Innovative MSA products are well received at 2013 OSH EXPO Africa

1 August 2013
MSA has consolidated its position as the global leader in the development, manufacture and supply of sophisticated products that protect people's health and safety - following its successful product exhibition at the 2013 OSH EXPO Africa event in June.
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The OSH EXPO Africa event, which was hosted at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand between June 18 and June 20, 2013, is a world-class occupational safety and health exhibition that attracts more than 2 600 visitors and exhibitors from across the continent.

Johannesburg-based MSA Africa exhibited a wide range of industrial health and safety products that were well received by guests, including;

- Personal protective equipment for head, eye, face and hearing
- Fixed and portable gas detectors
- Fall protection systems
- Self contained breathing apparatus
- Thermal imaging cameras

MSA Africa respiratory products manger Suraksha Mohun notes that the company's revolutionary AirElite 4h potassium hyperoxide (KO2) breathing apparatus in particular generated considerable interest from guests at the event.

"The AirElite 4h is the world's first KO2 breathing apparatus, and is particularly well suited to numerous applications, including; mining rescue teams, firefighters, chemical industries, refineries, military facilities and port authorities. Although it was launched in late 2012, it is still a new concept that captured the attention of numerous high profile visitors to the MSA Africa stand," she says.

Mohun highlights the fact that guests at the event were also given a 'sneak peek' of the company's latest Evolution 6000 thermal imaging camera, which is due for official launch in July 2013. "The Evolution 6000 is the world's most advanced thermal imaging camera that boasts a 320x240 high definition core, six colour palettes and proprietary image processing filters."

According to Mohun, the Evolution 6000 generated particular interest from firefighters, police and anti-poaching units. "The high clarity picture - in addition to a laser pointer, proximity flashlight and built-in compass - provide the user with the most detailed and accurate interpretations of their surroundings in the dark. This ultimately takes the guesswork out of life threatening situations."

MSA Africa senior product manager HEFHC Loren Pearson reveals the company also officially launched a new 'Pink' range of its world-renowned V-Gard hard hats, which are designed specifically for women. "The number of women working in industrial sectors continues to rise at a steady rate, and this new range allows female workers to express their feminine side without compromising on safety, as all the hard hats comply with international safety regulations and are ANSI approved with certifications printed on every hard hat," she explains.

Although cheaper health and safety  products from Asia are becoming more prevalent in the local market, MSA Africa marketing manager for gas detection products, Robbie Taitz,points outthatthe company's range of products continue to generate considerable interest at events such as OSH EXPO Africa, due to their reputation for unrivalled quality and efficiency. "MSA Africa is not competing in the price market, and the company's main focus has always been to provide the highest quality products that ensure maximum safety for the user."

He indicates that this is clearly evident in the fact that MSA Altair 4X and Altair 5X multi-gas detectors were among the only gas detection products on display at the event that offer a three year warranty on the XCell sensors. "These sensors have a typical lifespan of more than four years, which is double the industry average. This is achieved using MSA’s proprietary application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) design. By miniaturising the sensors’ controlling electronics and placing them inside the sensor itself, MSA XCell Sensors offer superior stability, accuracy and repeatability."

MSA Africa has exhibited at OSH EXPO Africa for the past three years, and Pearson concludes by adding that the company will continue to support the event in the future. "African industries continue to place a stronger emphasis on safety in the workplace, and this event serves as the ideal platform for exhibiting new products, while enabling experts from across the continent to network and discuss important industry trends in one central location. With this in mind, MSA Africa is committed to showcasing its existing and latest developments at future OSH EXPO Africa events."


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