FST diversifies into HVACR industry with new HFC receiver

18 July 2018
Fire & Security Techniques (FST) of Centurion is diversifying into the heating, ventilation, cooling and refrigeration (HVACR) industry with the launch of its new HFC receiver for commercial refrigeration equipment. The locally-designed and manufactured HFC receiver is intended as a cost-effective, high-quality alternative to competitor products.
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The new product was launched officially by FST at the FRIGAIR Expo 2018 at Gallagher Estate in Midrand from 6 to 8 June. Billed as the continent’s only dedicated heating, cooling, ventilation, refrigeration and energy exhibition, it provided a unique platform for FST to showcase its ongoing diversification and innovation, according to CEO Neil Hughes.

Already a leading supplier of fire-suppression solutions for a range of industries, the refrigeration market represents an untapped opportunity for the manufacturer, which focuses on developing products for specific requirements and applications.

A receiver is a common accessory found on many refrigeration systems, and therefore represents a perfect product for FST to focus on in order to gain traction in the HVACR industry. Also known as a liquid receiver, it is essentially a pressure vessel designed specifically to contain liquid refrigerant. FST is already fully-equipped to manufacture such cylinders locally.

The main function of the receiver is that it allows a refrigeration system to react to varying heat loads by varying the refrigerant flow, which means that the cooling capacity can be adjusted accordingly. However, this functionality requires a thermostatic expansion valve, in conjunction with the receiver itself.

The valve gear makes it possible to ‘pump down’ a refrigeration system so that all of the refrigerant is contained in the receiver, which is a critical requirement if any equipment has to be maintained or repaired, especially in terms of health and safety, and preventing any refrigerant venting into the atmosphere.

Hughes explains that FST subsequently identified a gap in the HVACR industry for a quality, locally-produced liquid receiver. He points out that domestic fridges, for example, opt for a design that does not include such a receiver in order to cut costs. However, this means that the refrigerant flow cannot be varied in accordance with the cooling capacity required, making it much more inefficient and costly to operate as a result.

“As with our fire-suppression solutions, the main drivers in the HVACR industry are energy-efficiency and environmental awareness, particularly in compliance with increasingly stringent international regulations regarding the type of refrigerants that can be used in such equipment,” Hughes notes.

FST’s maiden presence at the FRIGAIR Expo 2018 was a major success, particularly as it was the only fire-suppression solutions provider represented. “This fact alone generated a lot of interest among visitors to our stand, who also had the opportunity to engage with us about the complete solutions we are able to offer. At the end of the day, innovation and constant product development is the name of the game, and is something we continue to excel at,” Hughes concludes.


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