fischer launches its most versatile frame-fixing solution to date

16 April 2019
A long expansion element with up to three anchorage depths means that the SXRL range is the most versatile frame-fixing solution to date available from fischer, distributed locally by Upat.
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PreviewThe fischer SRXL is available in 8mm, 10mm, and 14mm diameters, and anchor lengths up to 360mm.5.37 MBDownload
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PreviewThe SXRL frame-fixing solution features anchorage depths in accordance with ETA requirements6.19 MBDownload
PreviewA long expansion element with up to three anchorage depths makes the fischer SXRL range the most versatile frame-fixing solution5.99 MBDownload
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Available in 8mm, 10mm, and 14mm diameters, and anchor lengths reaching up to 360mm, the fischer SXRL frame-fixing solution features anchorage depths in accordance with European Technical Assessment (ETA) requirements, namely 50mm, 70mm, and 90mm for the SXRL 8 and 10mm, 70mm, and 90mm for the SXRL 14.

Upat Technical Manager Kevin Owen highlights that the ‘L’ in SXRL refers specifically to length, with the main feature of this latest nylon plug being that it is about 20mm longer than its predecessor. “The longer an anchor is, the more embedded it is in materials such as concrete, and hence the stronger the fixing.”

A key feature of the SXRL is versatility whereby it is suitable for use in both solid and hollow building materials. The new innovative frame fixing can also be used in a variety of applications including façades, windows, gates and doors, wardrobes, kitchen hanging cabinets, beams, metal brackets, and cable ducts and trays.

The long ribs prevent the nylon plug from turning during installation, ensuring additional safety, especially when set deep. The special geometry of the plug has a v-shaped surface that distributes the loads evenly in the drill hole. This allows for better usability in all building materials, and excellent load values.

An anchorage depth of 50mm is specified for concrete, solid, and hollow building materials for the SXRL 8 and SXRL 10; and an anchorage depth of 70mm in all other building materials. An anchorage depth of 90mm is recommended for hollow building materials and aircrete when using the SXRL 8 and SXRL 14; and, specifically, in aircrete for the SXRL 10.

“The fischer SXRL frame-fixing solution can accommodate substantially higher loads than its predecessor. This higher load capacity depends of course, on the diameter of the anchor selected, the depth and the type of material,” Owen concludes. Upat offers full customer service and technical back-up (given the safety-critical nature of anchors in construction) for any queries regarding correct application and product specification.


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