fischer FireStop Foam Barrier System is ideal for pipes and cabling

22 February 2019
Fire installation specialists now have access to a single easy-to-use product in the form of the fischer FireStop Foam Barrier System, available from leading distributor Upat.
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The new product is a two-component polyurethane expanding sound, smoke and firestopping seal that expands to five times its volume. It can be used on metallic pipes, insulated metallic pipes, conduits, cables and cable bunches, and even mixed multiple penetrations.

The latter makes the product ideal for data cabling contractors, allowing them to insert additional cables if need be without breaking the seal, Upat National Product Specialist Charl Weber highlights. “What makes this product unique on the market is that a single product can be used for mixed multiple penetrations. It is not limited to either pipes or cables, as a single product can be used for both.”

The fischer FireStop foam is available in a handy dispenser, with a single 380 ml cartridge yielding 2.5 litres, which cures in 90 minutes. The foam can even be used to create fire bricks with a ten-year life expectancy. Additional benefits include the fact that it is age-and smoke-resistant, and re-enterable and repairable, with excellent adhesion, and requiring no backing material for added effectiveness.

The new foam product is part of the fischer FireStop range, which aids in the compartmentalisation of fire, smoke, and toxic gases, ensuring the safety of building occupants and protecting properties in the event of any fire incidents.

“Health and safety regulations are becoming more stringent. Architects, builders, specifiers and structural engineers now have to look beyond the aesthetic look and structural soundness of a building in order to be able to pass building inspections. Fire protection considerations are a critical part of all new building projects, whereby systems such as the FireStop range can ensure the safe evacuation of building occupants,” Weber explains.

Unlike traditional foam products, the new FireStop foam expands rather than burns, which means it is highly effective in preventing any fire from spreading. For example, if inserted around a pipe, it will expand and seal that pipe in the event of a fire. The fact that the FireStop foam is a single product also means that multiple approvals are not required for fire protection, unlike other products.


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