EM launches hagercad software for low-voltage distribution planning

10 September 2018
The new hagercad software from Hager for planning and configuration of low-voltage switchgear is now available locally from ElectroMechanica (EM), Hager’s official distributor in South Africa.
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The software package is aimed at the design and encryption of distribution boards up to 4000 A. “It provides a real alternative to classical design software,” Divan Lerm, EM Technical Sales Specialist, comments.

“A complete and innovative tool, hagercad is a real project manager that ensures you never miss a thing. Even as early as project creation, you’ll see just how effective it is. And once you’ve reached mid-planning phase, you’ll find the numerous practical, logically-linked functions absolutely indispensable.

“With hagercad, you do not need to have the catalogue with you. A simple click of a button, and you can see more information on any product, including dimensions and item-specific technical data,” Lerm explains.

A major feature is the automatic circuit diagram function. This means that hagercad can generate multi-line or single-line plans with zero fuss, for various applications such as lighting, air-conditioning, KNX, or any customer-specific solutions. “What functions do you want to implement, and where? All you need to do is implement your specific requirements,” Lerm points out.

Whether you are planning or working on enclosure calculations, hagercad is fast, accurate, and logical. As soon as you commence with the layout plan, the system proposes only enclosures that the devices will fit into.

Selection is simplified further thanks to automatic queries: How do you want to arrange in-feeds and output terminals? What space reserves and protection types do you want? “Every step of the way, hagercad makes sure that everything is exactly as you want it,” Lerm stresses.

Low-voltage distribution planning is now a cinch thanks to hagercad’s automatic power loss and heat calculation feature. This takes into account every planned device, as well as the cooling surfaces of the enclosure itself. In this way, end users have total confidence that their calculations are sound, even in environments with critical room temperatures.

Even future users of the system can be included in the planning. That is why the program now also includes a user-friendly function for creating device labels and document revisions. It features a comprehensive documentation structure containing images, assembly instructions, and so forth. At the click of a button, all relevant operating instructions and photographs can be linked to your project. Data can also be exported in various forms, from Excel to AutoCAD.

Lerm summarises the main advantages of hagercad as follows: it manages projects, it generates single-wire and multi-wire control schemes, it integrates a 3D visualisation, and it generates a complete file, including records accessible from the software.

“All the information is available from one platform. If changes need to be made on a project, there are various ways to edit and change products quickly, which saves time on the design phase,” he stresses.

EM provides a hagercad training course whereby customers are issued with a free version of the software to use on their own computers, with no licence required, and no limit on the number of users. Certified users also receive a monthly follow-up to check if all is running smoothly, and to address any technical queries.


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