EM brings high-resolution ‘plug-and-play’ thermal transfer printer to SA

24 January 2018
The high-resolution, ‘plug-and-play’ Cembre Markingenius MG3 thermal transfer printer can produce thousands of tags – using just three plates – for cables, pipes, and tubes. It is now available in South Africa through leading distributor ElectroMechanica (EM).
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Manufactured in Italy, the Markingenius MG3 is the first printer designed specifically for identification of conductors and electrical components. The printer can create terminal block markers and legends, as well as labels for all electrical panels, components, and equipment.

“All Cembre MG media can be printed with monocolour Windows True Type fonts at high speed. Markingenius MG3 will also reproduce Clipart images, drawings, barcodes, and bitmaps down to very small sizes,” EM spokesperson Lizanne Scholtz explains. Compact, ergonomic, with a clean and quiet operation, the Markingenius MG3 is ideal for the office environment, like any other computer peripheral.

Each monochrome ribbon can print more than 300 000 MG-TPMF 4 x 10 mm cable tags with full printable surface coverage. The printer’s carriage loading and unloading operations are rapid; support templates can be interchanged easily; and as the pigment deposited from the ribbon dries instantaneously, printed sheets are ready for immediate use.

Scholtz highlights that the Markingenius MG3 has an easy printing system, which requires no maintenance, settings, or advanced technical skills, and offers the best resolution on the market at present at 300 x 600 dpi.


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ElectroMechanica was established in 1984 by David van den Berg as a specialised direct importer and wholesale distributor of high-end industrial electrical products, motor control switchgear and electronic automation products. A wholly-owned South African company, ElectroMechanica offers its clients state-of-the-art products, sourced from leading local and international brands, all complying with recognised international safety standards and performance specifications.

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