Easy-to-read identification system keeps ‘tag’ of valuable assets

7 September 2018
An easy-to-read and install identification system for everything from hoses to heavy equipment is available from Banding & Identification (ID) Solutions Africa. Easy Read means maximum tagging effectiveness for enhanced traceability.
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Such has been the success of the Easy Read system locally that it has been adopted exclusively by a major hydraulic equipment manufacturer for the past decade to tag hoses, Banding & ID Sales Representative Matthew Campbell reveals.

A diversified power management company has also deployed Easy Read for a similar application, while a leading supplier of engineering support services to the energy, process, mining, and construction industries uses the system to tag maintenance records for its rental equipment.

Easy Read is essentially a tagging system comprising pre-cut characters (A to Z) and numerals (0 to 9), in addition to special symbols, and available in a range of sizes. Being pre-cut, there is no need for specialised tooling. End users can also only acquire those letters, numbers or symbols applicable to their specific serial numbers, enhancing the system’s holistic effectiveness.

The Easy Read characters are slid onto a carrier, which is then be attached to any items such as hoses, cables, machinery, or they can be used as ‘flag’ tags. They are manufactured from Grade 316 stainless steel, meaning that they can withstand highly-corrosive environments.

Easy Read can also be used in conjunction with PPA-coated Grade 316 stainless steel reusable cable ties to provide a total cost-effective ‘tag-and-clamp’ solution. These cable ties are, in turn, also colour-coded for easy identification. Characters can be slid directly onto a 10 mm or smaller cable tie to create a self-contained ‘wrap’ tag.

Letters, numbers, and symbols for the Easy Read system are available in bags of ten or 100, as well as being supplied in complete Easy Read kits. These kit bags can be customised according to clients’ specific requirements.

“Easy Read is ideal for installation and maintenance technicians. The visibility of the tags in dim or low-light environments, as well as in inaccessible or confined spaces, is enhanced further by using the special colour-coated carriers or strips,” Campbell concludes.


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