Dremel- Big on detail.

Dremel is and always will be dedicated to creating and manufacturing high speed rotary tools of the highest quality. It is this promise that we have carried to you over the last 80 years and a promise we will uphold for the next 80 years. It all started in 1932 with introduction of the first multitool by the founder of the company AJ Dremel. After that many new innovations have entered the market throughout Europe. Dremel supplies top of the range products to consumers in various application fields or hobbies. Ranging from woodworkers to glass engravers, or casemodders to oldtimer restorers, Dremel is always by their side with smart and convenient products and solutions. Through the years the Dremel range has expanded into an entire system of tools accessories and attachments. We have developed multitools (corded as well as cordless), but also other tools like Dremel Glue Gun and over 150 accessories and attachments. All these products ensure you will always be able to find the right item for your projects and applications. Dremel is famous for its innovations (Lithium-Ion battery technology, to be found in for example the new Dremel Stylus) and high standards in quality, functionality and ergonomics.