A-Gas South Africa launches Gas-Trak Online cylinder-management system

13 March 2018
The latest innovation to be introduced locally by A-Gas South Africa, a leader in the supply and lifecycle management of speciality chemicals, is Gas-Trak Online (GTO). This is a fast and effective F-Gas reporting and cylinder management solution developed specifically for the HVACR industry.
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Comprising both a desktop web portal for office-based staff and a mobile app for engineers for added flexibility, GTO is jam-packed with features, A-Gas South Africa National Sales Manager Michael Labacher comments.

“GTO was designed with the main aim of ensuring F-Gas compliance via our F-Gas reporting module, as well as allowing contractors to track their cylinder fleet. What is more, HVACR distributors can track returnable cylinders across their branch networks,” Labacher highlights.

Cylinder Fleet Management (CFM) allows end users to not only manage their cylinders, but also control rental costs. Cylinders can be tracked by location and engineer, while a record can be kept of any supplier’s cylinders. In addition, cylinder rental status reports can be generated, and 24/7 F-Gas reports and tracking can be provided via the web portal.

GTO also includes a traffic light warning system, as well as a Global Warming Potential (GWP) and CO2 calculator. It provides information on leak-checking frequencies, while tasks can be allocated to engineers to access on the app. Gas usage can be monitored by customer, site, and even equipment.

“End users can create a free GTO account by clicking the ‘register’ button on the website at www.gastrakonline.com, and fill in the relevant details,” Labacher explains. The GTO app is available for download from the Google Play Store or the Apple Play Store. The log-in that is created will provide access to both the app and the desktop web portal.

Every account has automatic access to the enhanced service for a two-week period, following which users are entitled to a 30-day free trial. This can be activated simply by clicking ‘Activate GTO Voucher’ and entering the code GTOWEB. Multiple engineers can be added to a single account by contacting the GTO support team to include additional licences.

Labacher reveals that the launch of GTO locally coincides with the redevelopment of the main GTO website, with the aim of offering a simple yet effective solution for both distributors and contractors. “What is equally important is that the customer experience is enhanced by providing full visibility of cylinder rentals through a cloud-based portal that we manage on their behalf.”

GTO Business Development Coordinator Ali Masters comments: “GTO gives HVACR contractors and distributors the ideal solution to track their cylinder stock, and generate reports that enable you to comply with F-Gas regulations. In professional services, client confidence is essential. With a secure portal, GTO is a safe place to manage and record your cylinder fleet movements.”

A-Gas International Group Architect Paul Fitzpatrick reiterates: “As part of the development team, I recommend this software simply because it was developed with you, our customer, in mind – working smarter, faster, and better.”

The introduction of GTO follows the recent launch by A-Gas South Africa of the latest-generation circuit flushing solution in order to allow the local refrigerant industry to comply with the necessary legislation. A-Flush+, based on environment-friendly C3H2CIF3 and nitrogen as the propellant, is not only highly effective and non-flammable, but has a low GWP. A-Flush+ is suitable for electronics, metal, medical, and precision cleaning applications. It can also be used in vapour degreasing equipment and cold cleaning, and can even be dispensed in aerosol cans.

Both GTO and A-Flush+ are clear examples of A-Gas South Africa’s commitment to ensuring that the local HVACR industry remains up-to-date with the latest trends and developments. In this regard, the company remains at the forefront of technological development within the industry.

“We have the added benefit of sharing skills and experiences from more developed and advanced markets that the Group has established operations in over the past 20-plus years. During this time, A-Gas has built up a respected brand both locally and globally, a brand associated with quality product and high levels of service,” Labacher stresses.

A-Gas South Africa has also played a leading role in ensuring that the local HVACR industry meets the requirements within the regulatory framework established under the Montreal Protocol. The company was established in 1993 to introduce ‘greener’ alternatives to traditional CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons).

It is always cognizant of the latest international developments in the HVACR industry, such as the signing of the Kigali Amendment on 15 October 2016, hailed as a ‘historic international agreement’ for the phasedown of commonly-used, high GWP refrigerants.


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